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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Reader Review: Worf

I downloaded The Power Of Weakness by Keith Giles after listening to an interview with him on podcast at Revelations Radio Network.

Keith is a breath of fresh air in the church today, applying the teachings of the Jesus and his apostles from the beginnings of the church. He runs a house-based church, not taking a wage or trying to build a super ministry with all the hype and money gathering that is choking the life out of ordinary Christians today.

I would recommend the Power of Weakness to every Christian and non-believer. It would be a huge wake up call to the 'televangelists' and other snake oil salesman out there today, possibly bringing them to their knees if they were to truly read this book and apply its principles.

Keith's main point in this wonderful little book is that we need to get away from our strengths and abilities and surrender to Christ so He can bring His strengths and abilities to our life.

Thank you, Keith for your humble and heart opening tome.”

By Worf (A Read on

NOTE: This review refers to the ebook version, not the expanded print version available only at

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