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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Need More Copies?

"Steve is reading your book as I type and says it is really good! 
Now, if I can just get my hands on it. Guess we should have bought 2 copies!"


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  1. Almost a week ago, somebody was trying to use my perceived weakness to really hit at me, demean me, blackmail me and if possible put me in every trouble. I felt really sad as the power of hate and defeat engulfed me. Suddenly, the Spirit whispered in my ear these words, "God hates people who take advantage of your weakness." I quickly posted this on my page for the person to read (I knew he would; and he did and repented). Just one minute after my post, Keith posted the title of his new book. I felt a touch of peace just reading the title of the book. Love came back to my heart as hate and anger started melting. I haven't read the book and I want to do it. I feel connected to the book and I know it has stuff for me. Thanks on credit for the book.