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Friday, February 15, 2013

Kimberly Writes

Okay, one more message about your books and I'll leave you alone! 

I wrote on your page that I read "Power of Weakness" and found it encouraging. 
That was a huge understatement.

I couldn't even get through the introduction without tears streaming down my face.

I'm going through one of the most difficult things I have ever gone through in my life. 
I continue on and, press on as Paul says, but it's so hard.

Your book brought clarity that He works through our weakness, and Brother, that's 
what I needed to hear.

[My husband] Gary had told me when he first bought your book that I needed to read it. 
I put it off until just the other day.

So many truths that I was just blessed and wanted you to know.

Thank you again,

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